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Casas de aldea La Vallicuerra

A dream place

The country houses are located exactly in the Hueria de Urbiés, pedania of Urbiés, belonging to the Council of Mieres of the Camin.


La Hueria, is a small, typical Asturiana village of about 30 or 40 inhabitants, located in the middle of the mountain (760 mts altitude), being the head of the Turón Valley and where the river that gives name to the valley by which it flows is born. It is immersed between “praos” (meadows) and “woods” of deciduous Atlantic forest (oak, beech, chestnut, hazel, etc.) and enclosed on all sides, less by which it gives to the valley, by peaks that surpass 1000 mt. of altitude like Peña Mea, this confers a unique microclimate and offers a sensation, also unique, to be surrounded by nature without molding. Both in spring / summer when the forest is green as in autumn when the colors of this one turn into a hundred tones of ocher, to sit and to contemplate them is a spectacle for the senses.


The entire area is classified as “Protected Site” and “Bird Watching Area” by the Government of the Principality. The town, in a not very remote past was much more inhabited, some says that there used to live more than 3000 people (they lived until the hórreos) and even had public school, building that still is conserved, since in his environs there were numerous farms mining.


You can still visit the remains of some of them as “El Mosquil” partially conserved. As the mining activity disappeared, the village (the area) went uninhabited.


We are at the next distance by car:


– Oviedo: 40 Km

– Gijón: 59 Km

– Avilés: 73 Km

– Aeropuerto: 80 Km

– Covadonga: 100 Km

– Estación de esquí Valgrande-Pajares: 52 Km

– Estación de esquí San Isidro: 60 Km

– MUMI (Museo de la Minería y de la Industria): 18’5 Km (41 route minutes).

– Pozo San Luis: 12 Km (27 route minutes).

– Pozo Sotón: 15 7́ Km (33 route minutes).

– La ruta del alba: 37, 7 km (1 hour and 4 min).

– La senda del oso: 53 Km (1 hour and 18 min).

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Tranquility, Nature, Beauty, History…

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